Thrive Wellness Center opened in 2013 with the intention of housing a diverse group of holistic health providers working together in community to foster the most adventagous outcomes for our patients body, mind and spirit. 


We are a group of holistic health providers who work interactively together to foster the most advantageous holistic health outcome for our patients. 

We provide diverse services to address our patients health and wellness concerns.

We design personalized packages to match each patients wellness needs

Our Goal is for each patient to Thrive.

Our Services are designed to:

  • Treat the roots of each patients stress and health imbalances
  • Increase our patients ability to navigate stresses in our changing world
  • Help our patients energize and harmonize every aspect of their life


We recognize wellness is more than absence of disease and provide patients with knowledge and tools tailored to address their specific wellness goals and optimize their vitality.

We partner with patients who aspire to a wellness journey; patients who want support for finding healthy and responsible choices to optimize their health and quality of life.

We work with each patients to encourage positive lifestyle changes using a customized plan based on the changing needs of the individual.


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